1)    When can I purchase a Fliteboard?


Fliteboard is now available for pre-order. All orders are made to order custom configurations, new orders are made to order. Please contact Fliteboard for the current lead time on new orders. 


2 ) How much of a deposit is required?


In Australia, the deposit required to reserve a priority in the queue is $5,000 including GST. See our product features page for details on pricing and deposit amount elsewhere.


3)    Is my deposit refundable?


The Deposit is refundable - less any fees that are charged to us to process the refund payment - up until you’ve received the Purchase Agreement and paid the Second Instalment. Please refer to Reservation Terms & Conditions for more information. 


4)    What cards/payment options do you accept?


We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, PayPal and Poli.


5)    Is finance available?


We are working with finance partners in Australia and will be announcing finance options in the coming weeks.


6)    Can I purchase the components of Fliteboard separately?


Yes, most components except for the Foil Power Unit can purchased separately.  A second battery, battery charger, front wing or even board are available as add-on components.


7)    How long will it take to receive my board once I have paid in full?


Full payment is required prior to shipping your board.  You can make the Final Balance Payment any time you like, but this won’t effect your place in the queue.  The expected shipment date of your order will be confirmed at the time that we send you the Purchase Agreement, roughly 16 weeks prior to shipment.