1)    How many boards are on offer and what is the difference between them?

There are 3 different board on offer.


Fliteboard - 5’8”x28”, 100L is the best size for most riders from 50kg to 90kg who are willing to take a few sessions to really get the hang of it.


Fliteboard PRO - 5’0”x24.5”, 70L is the smallest board for the most responsive ride when foiling.  It is more difficult to learn on and getting going is more challenging, particularly for heavy riders and in choppy water conditions.


Fliteboard AIR 6’8”x30”, 175L is an inflatable board with the most stability, suitable for beginners to get up and riding during their first session.  The inflatable construction makes this board light weight, more impact resistant, and very easy to transport.


2)    If I damage my board, is it covered under warranty? Where can it be repaired?


The epoxy construction boards, Fliteboard and Fliteboard PRO, can be repaired by your local surfboard repair specialist.  The inflatable construction Fliteboard AIR may be repaired using the included repair kit.  Fliteboard Limited Warranty covers damage caused by defects in the materials or workmanship of the product.


3)    Are the different wing and foil options compatible with all boards?


Yes, the Cruiser and Flyer wings are compatible and interchangeable with any Fliteboard.


4)    What material is the board made of?


The Fliteboard and Fliteboard PRO boards are crafted with advanced PVC and carbon sandwich construction.  The timber finish boards are finished in high quality ash top and biax-carbon bottom.  The white and black boards are finished in ballistic grade carbon Innegra top and biax-carbon bottom.