1. How do I charge the battery?


The battery charges using a special charger that plugs into a standard household wall socket, either 220-240V or 110-120V.


5)    How long does it take to charge a battery?


The time to fully charge the Flite Cell battery depends on the capacity, and the current available by the wall socket used. Expect charging times of between 3 and 3.5 hours depending upon individual circumstances.


6)    Can I take my Fliteboard with its battery on a airplane?


Unfortunately electric vehicle batteries are not permitted on passenger aircraft. Depending on the route, it may be possible to ship the Flite Cell separately on a dedicated cargo plane, via road  or sea transport.


7)    Can you use the same battery for all 3 board models?




8)    How do you know when the battery is running out?


The Flite Controller display shows the remaining battery power as voltage, remaining time and range (based upon your power consumption). An efficiency screen on the controller displays watt hours per kilometre, to guide you to speed up or slow down to maximise your ride time and range.


 In addition, the specially configured Battery Management System will reduce the power available when the battery is close to running out.  This gives you enough power to motor slowly back to shore, but not enough power to foil.  For safety reasons, you should never ride further from shore than you are prepared to swim.