1)    What is the top speed of a Fliteboard?


The top speed of Fliteboard depends on the A) The wing used, B) The riders weight, rider’s weight, and C) rider experience.  In our testing an 80kg rider using the Flyer wing achieved a top speed of 40km/h. The same rider with the Cruiser wing can achieve a top speed of 34km/h. We expect these performance metrics to improve as we further refine wings, propulsion and propellor for final production.


2) How long can I ride on one charge?


Ride time and range are dependant upon A) Rider weight B) Average speed and C) Wing choice. In testing an 85kg rider achieves a range of over 25km using the Flyer wing at an average speed of 25km with a continuous run time of approximately one hour and twenty minutes - using the ‘Explore’ Battery. Lighter riders can greater range and run time, and heavier riders will achieve less.


Remember this is continuous riding time. Most riders are likely to have tired legs before the battery goes flat! There Fliteboard engineering team is still making final refinements and metrics may improve further in the final production model.