Download Flite App and update

The Flite App is available to download in the Apple App Store*. 

We recommend using Flite App to ensure your board and controller always have the latest software to deliver the best performance.

 *An Android version is in development. If you do not have an iPhone you may get your software updates at one of our Service Centres around the world visit

Download Flite App from App Store
iOS only, V10.7 or higher

Performing first update

Before you use Flite App for the first time make sure the phone, Flitecell, flite controller have at least 20% charge. keep the phone close and in line of sight. don’t use the phone for anything else such as calls, texts, or other apps.

Fliteboard is ready for its first update by ensuring that it is assembled and powered on.
Make sure the Fliteboard lid remains closed during the update process.
Ensure Flite controller is turned off as the app can only connect to one device at a time.

Open the app and agree to the onscreen prompts. You’ll be taken to the first update process one step at a time. Follow the instructions carefully to update 1. Fliteboard, 2. eFoil and then finally follow instructions to turn on and update the 3. Flite Controller. The Fliteboard update typically takes 2-3 minutes, eFoil update 2-3 minutes and the Flite Controller 2 minutes.

Connecting Flite App to Fliteboard and the eFoil

1. Turn off Flite Controller.
2. Ensure Fliteboard has power and the lid is closed.
3. Select ‘Fliteboard’ from the ’Devices’ menu. When connected, the board receiver LED will turn purple. When perfoming some updates it will display green.
4. You will now be able to see software version of both the Fliteboard and the eFoil.Once connected you can perform ongoing updates and now sync session rides under ’Sessions’

When new software updates are available, you’ll see an orange update icon.
The above process is similar for Flite Controller.

Connecting Flite App to Flite Controller

1. Turn off Fliteboard.
2. Ensure Flite Controller has power and within range to the phone.
3. Select ‘Flite Controller’ from the ’Devices’ list. When selected and connected, the current state of charge will be displayed.
You will now be able to see software version of the Flite Controller and perform any updates here.

Capturing sessions

1. Once the software is up-to-date, Fliteboard will automatically capture sessions to its onboard computer.
2. Open Flite App, once ride date has been captured and click on ‘Sessions’. This will display a list of sessions.
3. Clicking the share icon (top right) from the ‘Sessions’ will share diagnostic data will Fliteboard support via email.
4. Clicking a ride in the Sessions list, will then take you to ride detail screen. Here you can play back your ride in various speeds, over an aerial map.