eFoil (mast)

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Post ride

1. Disconnect the Flitecell power cables.

2. Disconnect the data cables, both receiver and Flitecell CANbus cable (Series 1).

3. Rinse thoroughly with clean fresh water after every use. Dry thoroughly.

4. Rinse the inside of the mast (through the notch in the rear of the flange) with fresh water.

5. Rinse around the mast flange to wash salt away from the board connection area (if keeping the board and foil attached).


Regular maintenance
1. Disassemble the eFoil from the board.

2. Remove the wing, fuselage cover and tail, and clean thoroughly with fresh soapy water to remove any built-up salt or sand.

3. Periodically clean with Isopropyl alcohol (silver) WD-40 (Black) and a clean microfibre towel.

1. Always store the eFoil in a clean, dry environment out of direct sunlight.

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