Fly Zones

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Fly Zones: 

  1. Ensure your Flite App is updated to the most current version.
  2. Click on the menu button in Flite App and select Devices.
  3. Select Flite Controller, which will automatically connect. Perform an update by following the onscreen prompts on the app.
  5. Repeat the Process connect to and update your eFoil. (Note: if it is your first time connecting to the eFoil it may ask you for some extra details.)
  6. Once everything has been updated click on the menu button in Flite App and select Fly Zones.
  7. Click on the plus symbol and draw your Fly Zone using your fingertip. Then click continue.
  8. If you need to redraw the zone, move the map to the correct place and then click on the circular arrow to redraw.
  9. Name your zone and then set up a speed limit for the zone if desired. You can also select whether you want to allow users to turn off the zone from the Flite Controller. Once completed click SAVE.
  11. Once you have saved your zone it is saved to your app. This can be updated under the Fly Zones tab.
  12. To enable one of your Fly Zones, connect to your Flite Controller on the Devices page. Once connected select Settings. Then select Fly Zone.
  13. Select the saved Fly Zone and then select Update Fly Zones. This will transfer it to your Flite Controller.
  14.  Once successfully updated you can disconnect from the app and pair your Flite Controller to your eFoil. Follow the setup and pairing instructions in the User Guide if needed.
  15. Once paired, hold the mode button for 3 seconds to access your settings. Press the mode button until it takes you to the Fly Zone screen.
  16. Press the Plus or Minus button to have the Fly Zone On, Off or Warn.
    On – Gradually reduces speed and limits the maximum gear until back in the Fly Zone.
    Off – The Fly Zone is inactive.
    Warn – The Flite Controller will warn you when leaving the Fly Zone but will not reduce speed.
  17. Once selected hold the mode button down for 3 seconds to get back to the normal riding screen.

Note: The Controller can store only one Fly Zone at a time. The app can store a large number, to swap between Fly Zones connect to the app and load the designated Fly Zone to the controller.


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