Wireless Safety Key

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  1. The wireless safety key is needed for any Flitescooter eFoil.
  2. Without the safety key, Flite Controller will flash a warning ‘Safety Key Not Detected’ and you will be limited to virtual gear 3.
  3. To connect the wireless safety key, ensure the eFoil and Flite Controller are turned on. Press the Flite logo on the middle of the wireless safety key.
  4. The wireless safety key will turn on and connect to the nearest Flite Controller.
  5. Once connected the Flite Controller will flash ‘Safety Key Detected’.
  6. To ensure you are connected to the safety key you are wearing, press the Flite logo again and check ‘Safety Key Detected’ is shown on your Flite Controller.
  7. Test you can go above gear 3 on Flite Controller and you are set to fly.

 Wireless safety key running low on battery:

Flite Controller will flash a warning when the wireless safety key is running low on battery. Ride to shore and follow our instructions located on the support portal to swap your wireless safety key coin cell battery.

Use your Flitescooter eFoil like a Fliteboard:

To give you choice, your Flitescooter eFoil can be temporarily configured as a Fliteboard (which does not require a wireless safety key).

  1. Remove the Flitescooter handlebars. Remove Flite Controller from the handlebar cavity.
  2. Pair your Flite Controller to your eFoil. Follow the setup and pairing instructions in the User Guide if needed.
  3. Hold the mode button on Flite Controller for 3 seconds. Click mode until you reach Board Type. Here you can press the plus or minus key to change board type to Fliteboard.
  4. Click the mode button until you reach Drive and press the plus or minus button to change to Jet or Jet boost or Prop mode.
  5. To get back to the normal riding view hold the mode button down for 3 seconds.

You can now ride your eFoil like a Fliteboard (without the wireless safety key). This is not recommended when riding with Flitescooter handlebars installed.

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