Flitescooter Console Replacement

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Tools: A t20 torx bit/key or 3mm Allen Key and Tef gel are required.

1. Remove the 2 x m4 x 12 screws holding the Console to the Aluminium Stem using the t20 Torx Key or 3mm Allen key (depending on screw fitting). Turn Anti-clockwise to remove screws

2. Slide out the old Console and dispose.

3. Ensure you fit the new console with the correct orientation (The console should face the rider, with the thumb trigger on the Right hand side) 

4. Slide the new console into position lining up the screw holes. 

5. Add some Tef-gel to the m4 x 12 screws 

6. Using the t20 Torx Key or 3mm Allen keytighten the m4 x 12 screws Clock wise to tighten

7. The screws should hold the console firmly do not overtighten or you may damage the screw heads or threads. 


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