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Post ride

1. Open the board lid slowly, take care not to let it fall on the nose of the board. (If the lid is opened too far it may fall and damage the nose of the board).

2. After each ride, check to see if any water has leaked into the Flitecell cavity. If so, check the cause of the leak which may include: sand present on the sealing surface; a damaged or dislocated seal; damaged hinges or latches; or something obstructing the lid when closed.

3. Once the Flitecell has been removed ensure that the complete board, including Flitecell compartment, seals, lid and eFoil are washed thoroughly in fresh water. Let the board air dry and then wipe down with a clean, dry absorbent cloth. Ensure that Contact Cleaner is sprayed onto all connections.


Regular maintenance

1. Apply silicone based lubricant (non-solvent) to the latches and hinges every few weeks. Keep the lubricant away from the deck grip to avoid a slippery board.

2. Check the board regularly for damage or cracks. If damage is present have it repaired by a professional surfboard or sailboard repairer who is experienced with epoxy repairs.

3. Inspect the orange, mast flange seal regularly for any damage and ensure its is kept clean and free of any sand, grit or dirt.

4. During daily use ensure that the eFoil is removed from the board and wings from the eFoil at least every three days. Ensure Contact Cleaner is applied to all cables and Tef-Gel is reapplied to all screws.


1. Ensure that all sand, grit, dirt, and salt residue has been washed off with fresh water, and sufficiently dried.

2. Ensure that the Flitecell has been wiped down with a clean, dry absorbent cloth while switched off.

3. Ensure the board and deck grip are dry before storage.

4. Apply Contact Cleaner to all connectors to reduce the risk of corrosion.

5. Take extra care not to scratch the carbon board bottom and wings.

6. Place your Fliteboard in the provided bag, then store in a clean and dry environment.

7. Keep the board and bag out of the sun.

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