Wings - Cruiser 1800 and Cruiser Jet 1800 Compatibility | Series 1

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  • The Cruiser 1800 and Cruiser Jet 1800 wings are not compatible with certain, non-reinforced masts.
  • Installing a Cruiser 1800 or Cruiser jet 1800 wing on an incompatible mast can lead to potential serious injury and will void warranty.
Before purchasing, please ensure that you check the following to ensure that your mast is compatible.
The following are images that indicate if a mast is compatible:

If the mast in question does not have the above, or you have any further questions please contact us at for a suitable alternative.

  • The Cruiser 1800 or Cruiser jet 1800 currently can be used on Fliteboard, Fliteboard Pro, Fliteboard Ultra and Air boards with either a 60cm or 75cm mast. As long as it meets the above requirements.

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