Prop Module Installation and Troubleshooting

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Prop Module Installation 

  1. Add a small amount of Tef Gel to the thread of the module if needed.
  2. Line up the thread of the Prop Module with the thread of the Fuselage.
  3. Screw the Prop Module in gently counter clockwise using the Prop guard or Pro tail cover to turn the module.
  4. During the installation there will be a couple points of resistance. It is important at this stage that you do not force anything this will cause the prop guard to free spin and will require it to be removed. When you feel the resistance rotate the propeller a half rotation to the left and attempt again. If it still feels like to much resistance, repeat the half rotation of the propeller and attempt to install.
  5. If you still feel resistance remove the prop module completely and complete steps one to 5 again.
  6. If by chance you have caused the Prop guard to free spin on the module, then the prop guard and associated parts can be removed and replaced following these Instructions here. Series 2 and 3 Prop guard removal and replacement
  7. Once the Prop guard is removed tighten the module by gripping the End Cap and rotating counter clockwise until tight with the fuselage.
  8. Replace the prop guard and associated parts following the replacement section of the video.

The prop guard is installed correctly when there is no gap between the End Cap and the Fuselage. If a gap is present, it is not installed correctly.

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