Flitescooter Coin Cell Replacement

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Battery = CR2032


  1. Remove the safety strap exposing the rear of the safety key.
  2. The back cover of the safety key has a small groove that allows a flat blade screwdriver or coin into.
  3. Place the coin or screwdriver into the groove, rotate the cover anti clockwise to loosen and remove.
  4. Once removed you will expose the coin cell battery. Note the orientation of the plus (positive) and minus (negative) on the battery before removing. (Writing to the top)
  5. Gently push on one side of the battery to pop it out of and remove from its housing.
  6. Place sticky tape around the old battery and dispose.
  7. Check the O-ring is in place at the bottom of the module reseat if necessary.


  1. Push the new coin cell into the housing with the negative side facing down and the positive side facing up.
  2. Check it is seated correctly in the housing.
  3. Place the back cover into position.
  4. Use the coin or flat blade screwdriver and rotate the cover clockwise.
  5. Ensure the cover is tight do not overtighten or you may damage the removal groove.


  1. Turn the safety key on by pressing the flite logo.
  2. Ensure "Safety Key Detected” appears on your Flite controller.







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