S3 Handles Removal and Installation

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  1. Remove the handles by placing the handle tool under the handles. Lock the tool into the fastener. Rotate the screws 90 degrees to align the opening in the underside of the handle to the tops of the handle fasteners.
  2. Remove the old handles by gently pulling up on them to free them from the fasteners. Check to ensure the screws and not damaged and remove if necessary. Remove the fasteners using a Phillips head screwdriver (only remove if damaged).



  1. If needed use the template provided or request the template from Fliteboard Support.
  2. Follow the alignment instructions on the template and use a sharp small, pointed object to ensure that the screw holes of the template are aligned. You will know you have found the hidden screw holes underneath the deck grip when the sharp object does not stop on the deck of the board and pushes through into the pre drilled hole of the nylon block under the deck grip.
  3. If screws need to be replaced or installing for the first time, tighten the 4 x new screws into the predrilled screw holes in the nylon block of the board using a Phillips head screwdriver. Force is needed and ensure you do not burr the screw heads.
  4. Tighten the screws until the heads of the screw sit 8mm off the deck of the board.
  5. Once installed place the handles over the screws. Push down to ensure a snug fit and then rotate the screws 90 degrees using the designated handle tool to lock the handles into place. Repeat this step for remaining fasteners.


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