Folding Propeller Installation and Removal Instructions

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  1. Using the 13mm socket and tool found in the accessories pouch, remove the nylock nut holding the Propeller or True Glide Prop. 
  2. Remove the old propeller by pulling the propeller away from the shaft, a plastic pry tool can help. Keep the propeller pin in position (it is best to turn the propeller pin so it is sitting horizontal and will not fall from the shaft) 
  3. If using a True Glide Propeller the True Glide Propeller pin will need to be swapped to the standard Flite propeller pin.
  4. Push the folding prop into position a click will be heard when seated properly. The folding prop clamps around the propeller pin and some force during installation is required. Please note the blades of the folding prop are extremely sharp, take caution not to cut or injure yourself. In some instances using a soft head hammer or rubber mallet may be easier to tap the folding prop into position. This should only be needed for the fist couple of installs while the propeller pin clamp of the Folding Prop is stiff. 
  5. Once installed check it is seated all the way into position. A small gap of no more than 2mm should be seen between the prop and the EndCap. Failure to install properly could result in the loss of the Folding Prop. 


  1. To remove the Folding Prop pull the propeller away from the shaft, noting that the blades of the propeller are extremely sharp and using caution not to cut or injure yourself. 
  2. If the Folding Prop is extremely tight then a plastic pry tool or panel removal tool can be used taking care not lever against the outer seal of the EndCap. DO NOT use metal as this can damage the anodising of the EndCap
  3. Once cleared of the Propeller pin the Folding Prop will be easy to remove. Once again, place the Propeller pin horizontal allowing easy installation of the standard or True Glide Propeller. 


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