Jet Module Installation Instructions

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Jet Module Installation

1. Silicone grease the thread of the Jet before installation. Line the threads of the Jet with the threads of the fuselage

2. Screw the Jet into the fuselage spinning in an anti-clockwise direction. (Note it is a reverse thread so screwing to the left will tighten. While screwing to the right will loosen the module).

3. If at any time the Jets gets caught or gives resistance in the installation, then please reverse your rotation an back the Jet out out one or two turns. 

4. Please note that the shaft of the Jet may get caught when it engages with the Pinion of the motor. In this case spin the impeller a quarter of a turn to the right or left (USE CAUTION: the impeller is extremely sharp. Gloves or a strong rag is recommended.) This is also easiest when the nozzle of the Jet is off. 

5. Screw the Jet module until it is completely flush with the fuselage and ensure there are no gaps between the Jet and the fuselage. 


Nozzle Removal and Installation: 

1. To remove the nozzle. Hold the hub of the bearing with one hand and spin the nozzle clockwise to loosen. This can all be done while the Jet is connected to the fuselage. Be careful not to loosen the Jet module in the process.

2. Once removed you can clear the impeller of any seaweed or obstruction that is entered. PLEASE NOTE the impeller is very sharp gloves or a strong rag is recommended. This will also allow you to rotate the impeller if the pinion is getting caught in the installation period of the Jet module. 

3. Please note that occasionally after riding the nozzle can get extremely tight, in which case you first need to completely remove the jet. Then using a soft head hammer hold the nozzle in one hand as you lightly tap the flukes of the Jet hub to the left to free the nozzle.

4. Reinstall the nozzle by first silicone greasing the thread and then rotating clockwise onto the threads of the jet hub. Do not over tighten as the nozzle will be hard to remove next time. 


Jet Module Removal

1. To remove the Jet module, hold the module and spin clockwise (reverse thread) be careful not to remove just the nozzle of the Jet.

2. There shouldn't be any resistance when you remove it, if you encounter any then please re-tighten the jet one to two turns before attempting to remove again. 

3. In rare cases the Jet can get stuck to the fuselage in which case we ask to kindly contact or your nearest local service partner. 

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